L-GAM is a mid-market
investment firm active
throughout Europe.

We grow businesses with exceptional long-term value potential by partnering with talented managers and focusing on untapped sources of value. Our approach combines the disciplined, value-oriented investment style of private equity with the long-term orientation of our investors.

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Why L-GAM?

Our Long-Term
Investment Horizon

Our Value-Added

Our Synergistic
Investor Base


We seek businesses with strong market positions, strategic relevance, and exceptional value creation potential.

Mci group is a global communications group with a comprehensive capabilities portfolio that spans events and brand experiences, association and community management, public affairs, social media & brand content and AV production.

Trison is a global company dedicated to the digitisation of spaces to generate unique experiences through the integration of audiovisual systems, spectacular content and innovative sensory marketing solutions.

Biose Industrie is an industrial pharmaceutical laboratory ranked as world leader in the industrial manufacturing of microorganisms for human health.

Ancorotti Cosmetics is a leading contract manufacturer of mascara and other colour cosmetic products for customers across the globe. Established in 2009, Ancorotti today employs over 300 people at its headquarters in Crema, Italy.

COTTA Collection AG is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of made-to-order upholstered furniture and related products.

Acquired by L-GAM in 2021, Vinventions is a comprehensive provider of wine closures solutions designed to support the diverse requirements of still and sparkling wine producers. Vinventions provides closure solutions that maximize performance, design and sustainability.

Established in 2009, Centro Medico Santagostino is the first comprehensive network of outpatient clinics in Italy, combining high-quality private healthcare with affordable prices. Its acquisition by L-GAM was completed in 2020.

Amplitude Laser, acquired by L-GAM in 2019, develops, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of ultrafast lasers mainly used for industrial, medical, and scientific applications.


Woolrich was acquired by L-GAM in 2018. Established in 1830, it is America’s oldest outdoor clothing brand and one of the world’s leading designers of outdoor lifestyle apparel.


Cyber Group Studios, acquired in 2017, is an independent, award-winning French animation production company producing and distributing both its own and third-party audio-visual content and brands.


Our Team

With a hundred years of shared experience, our team is dedicated to growing and building strong businesses.

Yves Alexandre


Ferdinando Grimaldi


Felipe Merry del Val


Jerome Bertrand


Tito Soso