L-GAM is a long-term investment partner with an investment horizon that can be adapted to the value creation potential of its portfolio companies and to the liquidity preferences of its stakeholders.

Partnering with exceptional management teams to unlock
long-term value

Long-Term Horizon

15-Year fund life

Ability to see through major strategic and operational initiatives

Opportunity to achieve true scale with platforms

Staying power through business/economic cycles

value-added approach

Managers as Partners for Success

We enable managers to maximize value during the course of the investment period – working together as true partners with shared goals.

Focus on Unexpressed Potential

Early on, we identify and execute on key growth accelerators with outsize payoffs, including both strategic as well as operational levers.

Post-Acquisition Support

Our dedicated post-acquisition team works alongside management to address critical issues. We have a disciplined playbook adapted to the strategic and operational needs of each portfolio company.

Synergistic investor base

Established in partnership with the Princely Family of Liechtenstein and backed by leading entrepreneurial families across Europe, Asia, and North America

Our investors have the same mindset as we do. They are entrepreneurs in their own right, with experience in building and growing market-leading businesses across sectors and geographies.

Leveraging knowledge and experience

Through their experience, our investors have deep knowledge in both the industries and regions in which they have grown their businesses. Where appropriate, our diligence is complemented by this knowledge for superior insight on markets we invest in.

Strategic patience to see through long term projects and complex situations

Our investors have faced commercial challenges and understand the complexities involved. This is reflected in our unique long-term structured funds that enable us to address meaningful strategic and operational initiatives.