L-GAM Investments SCSp, a long-term oriented investment company, has acquired 100% of the shares of JARDILAND, the leading French garden and pet products specialist. Thierry Sonalier is appointed CEO. A new growth strategy has been launched with a focus on unique customer experience, a dynamic business model centred on the stores, the franchisees and the web.

Paris, January 31st 2014: After a period of exclusive negotiations that started in early January, L-GAM acquired today 100% of the share capital of JARDILAND. Thierry Sonalier, Group General Manager since July 2013, has been appointed CEO.

Founded in October 2013, L-GAM has completed its first acquisition with this Euro 35 million investment in JARDILAND. The leading French specialist in garden and pet products has been looking for a partner committed to support a new development strategy after facing two difficult years, combining adverse weather conditions in 2012 and 2013, a difficult macro-economic environment and various operational issues.

JARDILAND’s new shareholder will support a business plan based on a business model that includes a repositioning of the store concept and of its product and merchandising mix, in order to make the business less weather dependent and to allow it to better respond to the needs of its customers in both the garden and pet sectors. The brand will consolidate its undisputed leadership position in the Gardening sector with a broad range of products and services including plants, garden equipment, garden decoration and furniture as well as the premier specialist for the Pet segment including advanced nutrition, comfort, treatment and other services.

Thierry Sonalier, JARDILAND CEO, said: “JARDILAND is a sleeping beauty that will wake up with a newly reorganised team and an ambitious and dynamic development project clearly focused on its customers, a strong and unified brand, and a merchant web site that provides online and web to store services.

We have an ambitious plan which will be based on a redesigned organisation and new product and service offering. JARDILAND must regain its position as the leading destination for all garden and pet lovers.

Our strategy will be based on closer collaboration and ties with the JARDILAND franchisees.”

Yves Alexandre, Founding Partner of L-GAM said: “We are delighted to support JARDILAND in its new development project. In partnering with Thierry Sonalier and his team, we are committed to contribute to the revival of such a strong brand and consolidate its position as the leader and key innovator in its markets. JARDILAND has unique attributes and strengths that will allow the company to take advantage of opportunities going forward, with a number of clearly identified revenue and earnings growth drivers.”

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