Ferdinando Grimaldi, Yves Alexandre and Felipe Merry del Val today announced the foundation of L-GAM, an investment company established in partnership with the Princely Family of Liechtenstein. L-GAM has a differentiated business model based on its long-term investment focus and its flexible mandate to provide capital solutions. With existing capital commitments of EUR 240 million, L-GAM will work with selected like-minded parties to invest capital of up to EUR 325 million in total..

The newly established investment company L-GAM will be targeting investment opportunities in non-listed companies throughout Europe. It will thereby invest in a variety of private equity, distressed and special opportunities across a broad spectrum of industries, including industrial manufacturing, business services, and consumer and retail. The primary targets are long-term growth industrial projects, buy and builds, corporate carve-outs, family transitions and recapitalizations.

On occasion, L-GAM will also invest in turnaround situations where it can most effectively deploy its operating capabilities. The focus will be on investment opportunities in those markets, sectors or situations where, for a variety of reasons, private equity funds or other providers of capital are more limited in their ability to compete.

The management team includes Ferdinando Grimaldi, founding partner of L-GAM and former senior partner at Bain Capital and Investcorp; Yves Alexandre, founding partner of L-GAM and former head of Corporate Investment Europe at Investcorp; Felipe Merry del Val, founding partner of L-GAM and former senior partner at Bain Capital; and Jerome Bertrand, partner of L-GAM and former senior principal at Bain Capital. The founding partners have over 55 years of cumulative investment experience and a proven track record of driving value creation on the boards of portfolio companies.

The team will be supported by the Liechtenstein Princely Family, which combines a very broad business network and extensive investment experience, and seeks through its engagement with L-GAM to achieve meaningful diversification from its primary holdings in agriculture, forestry, real estate, financial services and art.

“We are very pleased to have the Liechtenstein Princely Family as partners in this exciting new venture. L-GAM sees itself as a solution provider and growth enabler for its portfolio companies, providing new sources of capital, strategic and operational insight, and access to any other resource an investee company may need to accelerate its development”, said Ferdinando Grimaldi, founding partner of L-GAM. “Our firm is committed to generating superior shareholder returns by leveraging the partners’ investment experience, their strong and diverse financial skills, and their hands-on involvement.”

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